Policeman suspected of under-age sexual assault detained

Policeman suspected of under-age sexual assault detained

His victims were girls from dysfunctional families.

In the city of Makarov, Sakhalin Oblast, a 28-year-old police officer was detained on suspicion of several episodes of underage girls’ rape. This was reported by the regional edition of Sakh.com with reference to an unnamed source.

According to the edition, the policeman was detained near his workplace. It is known that he served as an inspector-cynologist, holding this post with the position of beat cop. The source claims that the suspect visited dysfunctional families, where he established contact with minors and, using their confidence, committed violent sexual assaults.

"This citizen is suspected of committing sexual assaults against 13-14-year-old girls. There are more than five episodes. Victims were already interrogated. The suspect himself so far refuses to evidence. His phone is seized. An investigation is ongoing," the source commented.

The detainee is in the police department of the city of Makarov. The check is carried out. The source added that the detained policeman is a relative of a high-ranking figure in the Prosecutor's Office of one of the cities of Sakhalin.



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