Policeman responsible for fatal car crash was told to speed up by judge’s wife

Policeman responsible for fatal car crash was told to speed up by judge’s wife
The policeman's car

The information came from Police Lieutenant Yuri Ivanov himself during the interrogation.

The arrested criminal investigator of Pushkin police department Yuri Ivanov told the investigators that his passenger Lyudmila Gurkina had asked him to get behind the wheel after drinking and drive at high speed to get home quickly.

The Life found that on September 23 Lyudmila Gurkina, the wife of a federal judge Sergey Gurkin was having a birthday party. The next morning Gurkina demanded that the policeman should quickly take her home. Ivanov said he had to get behind the wheel drunk and exceed the speed.

The 46-year-old Gurkina works at the department of custody and guardianship in the city of Ivanteevka. The judge Sergey Gurkin declined to comment on, but confirmed his wife's participation in that terrible accident. Lyudmila is currently in hospital with severe injuries.

As the CrimeRussia wrote before, the terrible accident happened early on September 24 at M-8 highway near Moscow. Policeman Yuri Ivanov, 26, drunk driving a Mercedes-Benz, rammed a Suzuki moving in the same direction. Inside the Suzuki was the family of a Yaroslavl priest: the Deacon of Resurrection Cathedral of the city of Tutaev Aleksey Shumilin, his pregnant wife Yulia, their baby daughter, three-year-old son and Yulia’s mother. The three-year boy Mikhail was the only one who survived. He is now in hospital.



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