Policeman punches girl in the guts at rally in Moscow 

Policeman punches girl in the guts at rally in Moscow

A video showing the brutal detention at the rally has been posted online.

The video evidence of police brutality during the walk of protesters following the sanctioned rally on August 10 in Moscow has been posted online.

Following the rally on Sakharov Avenue, eyewitnesses filmed two masked security officers dragging a fragile girl to the paddy wagon during the peaceful walk of protesters in the center of Moscow. When the girl tried to resist by placing her foot in front of her, one of the police officers punched her in the guts.

The blow made the girl fold up, her head went forward. Dismayed eyewitnesses began to loudly condemn the police officer.

After that, the detainee was twisted and thrown in the paddy wagon. It is noteworthy that she still resisted at this point.

According to media, about 50 thousand people attended the rally, including famous journalist and blogger Yury Dud’, comedian Danila Poperechny, rapper Face, and others.

Protesters demand fair elections and the admission of unregistered candidates, mainly represented by opposition members.

Video: Policeman punches girl in the guts



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