Policeman may avoid life sentence after killing family in Lyubertsy

Policeman may avoid life sentence after killing family in Lyubertsy
Mikhail Dronik’s credentials as former commander of Western District MIA Department, separate platoon of security guard Photo: MK

The jury can decide on a softer sentence for 39-year-old Mikhail Dronik.

The former policeman, who brutally murdered his neighbors in Lyubertsy in 2015, may avoid life imprisonment. Despite the fact that last Friday the Moscow Region Court jury found the Mikhail Dronik of 39 guilty, he did manage to excite pity, according to MK.

The tragedy occurred on May 24, 2015. According to the investigation, the reason was a household conflict about the electricity bills between the neighbors of a communal two-room apartment. Allegedly, Mikhail Dronik, commander of security guard separate platoon, did not want to pay his debts for electricity. In response, his neighbor took out the plugs, leaving the apartment without electricity. The conflict escalated into a fight when the officer attacked his neighbor Vyacheslav Savelyev with a knife, and then killed his wife Yulia and seven-year-old son Nikita.

The policeman tried to hide the traces of the crime: he dismembered the bodies and decided to destroy them with acid. The operatives detained Dronik at the crime, when he was smoking in his room. During the interrogations, the man confessed, but at the court hearing he denied his testimony and claimed he was innocent.

Eventually, the jury found Dronik guilty but deserving leniency, his lawyer Vadim Rodin told MK.



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