Policeman injured during rally in Moscow is victim in Bolotnaya case 

Policeman injured during rally in Moscow is victim in Bolotnaya case
The police officer was hospitalized after being attacked by participants of the unauthorized rally in Moscow Photo: Anton Sergienko / RBC

The police officer from Moscow, who was hospitalized with head injury after the protest action against corruption in Moscow, turns out to be a witness of activist Ivan Nepomnyashchikh, whom the court had found guilty of using of force against guardians of order during the protests on May 6, 2012, in the Bolotnaya case.

As The Village found out, Commander of the 2nd Police Police Regiment of the MIA General Administration in Moscow Evgeny Gavrilov had been previously mentioned in media publications relating to the case of Nepomnyashchikh.

"Evgeny Gavrilov, Commander of the 2nd Police Police Regiment, and Viktor Kolmakov, Senior Sergeant of the same regiment, were badly hurt on the Bolotnaya Square on May 6, 2012. According to the the journalists citing Grani.ru’s publication (access to resource is closed), both of them were beaten for long seven seconds by 21-year-old Ivan Nepomnyashchikh, who is now a defendant in the Bolotnaya case.

The Village also compared the pictures from Evgeny Gavrilov's page on odnoklassniki.ru (a social network) and the video footage of the riot policeman who was beaten the day before and concluded that "this is most likely the same person."

Olga Dinze, a lawyer in the case of Nepomnyashchikh, also recognized that the person from odnoklassniki.ru looks like the Bolotnaya case witness. In addition to Dinze, another lawyer (who preferred to remain anonymous) identified the 26-year-old riot policeman as the witness in the Bolotnaya case.

Earlier, on March 27, Chairman of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov together with a member of the HRC, Head of the National Anti-Corruption Committee of Russia Kirill Kabanov visited Gavrilov in hospital.

"A nice, humble guy. We had a conversation about life and family situation. He said he has a wife, a daughter, and two brothers, and they all live together with their parents in the same apartment. I promised that the Council would appeal for assistance in solving his housing problem," Fedotov noted after the conversation with the warrant officer.

Doctors reported that Gavrilov got a concussion as a result of the blow. "According to the police officer, the kick on the head was professionally inflicted; he immediately lost consciousness and fell, although he was wearing a helmet and all means of protection," the HRC representatives reported.

The Moscow police previously reported that a participant of the so-called "He is not Dimon" action inflicted a blow to the head of the 33-year-old employee of the 2nd Police Police Regiment. As a result, the police officer got a craniocerebral injury and was hospitalized in “a grave state,” as Chairwoman of the Moscow MIA General Administration Yulia Ivanova reported.

A criminal case under Art. 317 of the Russian Criminal Code (Encroachment on the Life of an Officer of a Law-enforcement Agency) has been initiated into the incident. "On the instructions of ICR Chairman Aleksandr Bastrykin, the criminal case of encroachment on the police officer’s life in Moscow has been referred to the Main Investigations Directorate," the ICR reported.

33th defendant in the Bolotnaya case

In the autumn of last year, the Strasbourg Court confirmed the receipt of a complaint by Ivan Nepomnyashchikh, convicted for two and a half years as part of the Bolotnaya case in 2015. Back then, Analyst of the Agora International Human Rights Group Damir Gaynutdinov, who was representing Nepomnyashchikh’s interests in the ECHR, explained that the complaint was filed for violation of the rights to freedom of gathering and freedom of expression (Articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention).

According to Nepomnyashchikh’s defence, his client was detained on May 6, 2012 for the failure to comply with the lawful requirements of police officers, but the lawsuit was almost immediately dismissed in connection with the falsification of the administrative offence report by the police. Nevertheless, he was detained again after almost three years. The police officers, who had allegedly suffered from the actions of Nepomnyashchikh, "recalled the details, which were not available even in the aftermath."

December 24, 2015, the Human Rights Center Memorial recognized Nepomnyashchikh as a political prisoner.

On May 6, 2012, about 400 demonstrators were detained during a protest action, which had been coordinated with the authorities. Over 30 people were found criminally liable in the Bolotnaya case. Ivan Nepomnyashchikh became the last person (33th), convicted in this case at the end of December 2015.

Video: ICR filed case after attack on police officer during rally in Moscow



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