Policeman beats MP near 2018 World Cup fan zone 

Policeman beats MP near 2018 World Cup fan zone
Police officer Zafir Ishmukhametov, who participated in the conflict Photo: Photo from the Vkontakte page of Arkady Lazarev

Arkady Lazarev has to go into the hospital after the beating.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Samara region checks information about the conflict with the use of force by the police officer to the deputy of the Samara district council, Arkady Lazarev. Earlier, the parliamentarian wrote on social networks that the policeman had beaten him near the fan zone of the Mundial after the Russia v Croatia. The deputy published a video.

The conflict hit the footage. In particular, the footage begins with pilling of one of the MIA employees from a group of policemen in white shirts. "Who is he?" says the policeman, opens the metal fence and approaches the deputy.

Lazarev asks the policeman to name himself and produce the documents. It becomes clear that the policeman's name is Zafir Ishmukhametov and he wears the rank of Sergeant Major. After a repeated request to provide documents, the policeman beat the MP.

The victim stated that he called the police, but the police officers who came to the scene backed their colleague. According to Lazarev, his phone was seized, and most of the video with the conflict was deleted. The deputy emphasized that Ishmukhametov drank alcohol being on duty.

The beaten MP was refused medical aid. "The police unit that came to the spot instead of apologies began to ask questions if I had any complaints. Hearing a positive response, he commanded: 19.3 [Art. 19.3 of KoAP - Disobedience to the Police] and 15 days of arrest," says Arkady Lazarev.


Nevertheless, the deputy had to go into the hospital. Lazarev says that there are "twisted joints and numerous bruises." The MP adds that he intends to file a statement over the attack with the police, as well as with various supervisory bodies.

The incident drew the attention of Samara region Governor Dmitry Azarov. He ordered the regional government officials to take check the accident.



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