Policeman Balakerimov who disgraced himself with wedding train dismissed

Policeman Balakerimov who disgraced himself with wedding train dismissed
Karahan Balakerimov

In addition, the capital’s MIA Central Board inspects against law enforcer’s supervisors.

Officer of the Moscow Novomoskovsky and Troitsky districts of Moscow (TiNAO) Karahan Balakerimov is dismissed from the bodies. This decision was made by the capital's MIA Central Board on the check of the scandalous video from Balakerimov's wedding.

"The Senior Police Lieutenant is fired from the internal affairs bodies for negative reasons," - said Interior Ministry spokesman Irina Volk.

In addition, she said, the service check is carried out against the leadership of the former security officer, "on the results of which the decision in accordance with the current legislation will be made."

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Karahan Balakerimov celebrated his marriage in a big way a few months ago. The video shows how BMW drives backwards on Vernadsky Prospekt in Moscow. Groom Karahan Balakerimov was in the passenger seat of a white Cadillac Escalade with a smile and looked at what was happening. Note that only prestigious cars participated in a wedding motorcade: Bentley, Gelandewagen, Mercedes and others.

Karahan Balakerimov came to law enforcement agencies two years ago. Not a surprise that the son of prominent businessman of TiNAO has got a service in the Department of the TiNAO MIA. His father Laser Balakerimov owns a majority shopping facilities in TiNAO. Among his assets there are: the construction market, the market Stroymaster, car washes, warehouses, shops, garages, restaurants and cafes. Balakerimov was engaged in struggle against the organized crime in the 6th operations and search division, he did not distinguish himself in service.



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