Police welds door to exhibition about violence by security forces

Police welds door to exhibition about violence by security forces

Entrance to the premises is guarded by NOD members of Caucasian appearance.

The Moscow police welded the door to the Pakhan’s Autumn exhibition organized by the Worst Artists' Association. The exhibition is dedicated to violence by security forces and lack of freedom of speech. The door to the DorDor gallery was sealed, and the entrance was guarded by about 15 members of the pro-government movement NOD, all of Caucasian appearance, Mediazona writes, referring to the organizer of the exhibition, Veronika Polonskaya.

The opening of the exhibition was scheduled for October 7, as “on that day the culprit of the triumph of lawlessness and the guarantor of the degradation of our homeland was born,” the social network group of the event said.

Veronika Polonskaya said that in the morning, the employees of the district administration came, photographed the paintings and sent them to their seniors. After they left, a fire inspection and an employee of the Rospotrebnadzor arrived, demanding to take pictures off the walls.

In the evening, the police arrived and forced everyone to leave the premises due to fire safety violations. Three patrol cars were left at the entrance.  

According to Lev Neshin, a member of the Association of Worst Artists, it was not the NOD members, but local council officials, who are on duty at the entrance.



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