Police want to catch coworker in bribery sending Uzbek with marked cash, officer dies 

Police want to catch coworker in bribery sending Uzbek with marked cash, officer dies
A policeman was killed Photo: Social media

A policeman died and his coworker was badly injured.

The public page Police Ombudsman posted its version of the events that led to the shootout between policemen at the Ryazansky Prospekt metro station. An Internal Investigations employee was killed and his coworker is critical.

The police’s Internal Investigations Department reportedly conducted a sting operation to capture a corrupt official, also a policeman. To do that, a citizen of Uzbekistan was sent to travel through the stations of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line with some marked cash. He tried to get the police’s attention and to pay a bribe to be let go until a Patrol and Point Duty Service officer, Alexei Smirnov, detained him.

According to the page, the story unfolded in the following way: the migrant reported that he had "passed on the money." The Internal Investigations officers entered the room but did not find the two thousand rubles in Smirnov’s possession, which was supposed to serve as evidence that he had accepted the bribe.

“So, they decided to report to the ensign themselves. That’s what the conflict was about,” the public page says.

After the murder occurred, Ensign Smirnov returned to the scene and continued to serve, having reported the situation to the duty unit. Due to the firing, metro passengers started calling 02, so the operational duty officer sent Rosgvardiya officers to the scene.

The Rosgvardiya officers arrived first, but by that time, the ensign had already been disarmed and showed no resistance. He does not admit his guilt. “Nobody knows where the two grands are,” the public concludes, calling the incident “the consequences of the crime detection demand.”



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