Police tortured man forcing him to give bribe to traffic police officer 

Police tortured man forcing him to give bribe to traffic police officer
Aydyn Yusifov

ICR is looking into the matter.

The Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a check following a publication on the website of Irkutsk Region Human Rights Defenders Council about torture of a man in the Usolye-Sibirsky police department. This is reported by the press service of the Irkutsk region ICR.


A resident of Usolye-Sibirsky Aydyn Yusifov told that November 9, he was detained by unknown men in masks. He was thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and forced into a minibus, where he was beaten. Aydyn was brought to the local police department. In the department, he was forced to give a 13-thousand-ruble ($217) bribe to a traffic police officer for a driver's license.

While Yusifov was in the department, he was subjected to electric shocks and beaten with an object wrapped in cloth in order not to leave traces. The man claims that he was beaten on the head with an electric shocker. The torturers assured that if he did not cooperate, he would end up in a temporary detention facility. Soon, the torture forced Yusifov to obey the police.

“Not able to withstand the torture, Aydyn signed some papers without looking and called the traffic police officer…However, the further situation developed unpredictably for those who set up this whole thing…The traffic police officer did not take the bribe,” Human Rights Defenders Council’s website says.

After that, both Yusifov and the traffic inspector were brought to the investigation department. The law enforcers once again started torturing Yusifov, including with electric shocks. Then, the victim was forced to “sign something at the investigator’s dictate."

Yusifov spent the whole night in the ‘torture room’. He was maltreated, forced to stand ‘on a stretch’ (i.e. rest his head against the wall, place his legs wider than his shoulders, and put his arms behind his back), and prevented from falling asleep.

After the hard night, Yusifov was released. He immediately visited the emergency room. He was diagnosed with a closed craniocerebral injury. He is currently being treated in the Usolskaya City Hospital.

It is noted that even before the information was posted on the Human Rights Defenders Council’s website, Yusifov’s wife filed an application with law enforcement agencies. 




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