Police to check officer who threatened taxi driver with gun 

Police to check officer who threatened taxi driver with gun
A traffic police officer pointed a service weapon at a taxi driver

The policeman refused to display his badge and pointed a service weapon at the taxi driver.

The policeman threatened Maksim Zherebtsov with a gun on Votkinsk-Izhevsk highway, wrote Izhlife. The incident was recorded on a DVR and got into the Internet.

The inspector stopped the taxi driver for overtaking a vehicle on the bridge and asked the driver to produce his ID. Zherebtsov refused to do so until the officer shows his badge. Then the policeman pulled out a service gun and pointed it at the driver, but soon put it away. Zherebtsov took advantage of the moment and called a hotline, and then another police car came to the place. "I was really scared," the driver admitted.

The inspector also reported the conflict to the police station. When the police arrived, they questioned both sides and fined Zherebtsov for dirty number plates (500 rubles) and overtaking on the bridge (penalty to be determined by court). The taxi driver turned to the police reporting the inspector’s behavior. An internal audit will be carried out regarding the officer.

Video: Traffic police officer pointing a gun at taxi driver’s head (Izhevsk-Votkinsk highway, Udmurtia)



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