Police report on investigation into Lesin’s death questions official conclusion

Police report on investigation into Lesin’s death questions official conclusion
Mikhail Lesin

Facts contained in the document are somewhat at odds with the final conclusions of the investigation.

The 58-page Washington police report on investigation into the death of ex-Russian Press Minister Mikhail Lesin, which has been made publicly available, questions the official version of death of the former Gazprom Media head, BuzzFeed reports.

For example, there is not a single mention of the blunt injuries, which the forensics thought to be the reason for Lesin’s death, in the report. In addition, there is no a word about abrasions, bruises, and other evidence that the ex-minister had fallen several times, as the investigators claimed.

It is also noteworthy that the last three hours of Lesin's life still remain a secret; although this period time was captured by the CCTVs installed by his hotel room, the CD containing the record turned out to be defective. Judging by the report, the police officers could not watch the recording and hence to confirm that Lesin was indeed alone in his room at that time.

To recall, according to the official conclusion, the ex-minister entered his hotel room for the last time at around 10:48 on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, after several days of excessive drinking. As previously reported by the CrimeRussia citing The Washington Post, Lesin abused alcohol both by bringing bottles to his room, and by using the mini-bar in the room. Three days before death, the former ‘Kremlin guy’ met with some friend in the hotel lobby, and then went on a bender.

Mikhail Lesin was found dead in Dupont Circle hotel room. It was initially reported that he had died as a result of a heart attack, however, the forensics found that the death was caused by “blunt trauma to the head.” In addition, a strong intoxication with ethanol was revealed.

The forensic report also mentioned limb injuries sustained by Lesin.

The case was terminated in late October 2016, and Lesin’s death officially recognized as an accident; allegedly, the ex-minister fell in his room several times as a result of strong alcoholic intoxication, which caused the abovementioned injuries. Meanwhile, the media reported that Lesin was beaten to death with a baseball bat.



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