Police raid Kurgan region Tax Service

Police raid Kurgan region Tax Service
Vladimir Ryzhuk, Head of the Federal Tax Service for the Kurgan Region

The searches could have been triggered by the employees of the Federal Tax Service that had complained saying their CEO was violating the legislation.

Searches have been conducted in the office of the Federal Tax Service in the Kurgan region since 9 AM today. Armed persons came into the office wearing masks and camouflage with SOBR (Rapid Deployment Special Force) written on it. They told the workers to collect their things and go out into the hallway, Znak.com reported.

According to one of the employees, the searches are conducted by the economic security department.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kurgan region is not answering calls.

Despite the reports, the FTS security guards deny the siloviki are inside, while refusing to let a Znak.com correspondent into the building.

On May 12, Znak.com reported that the local prosecutor's office had received an appeal from the employees of the Federal Tax Service. They complained saying their CEO Vladimir Ryzhuk was violating the legislation. The media outlet found out that the inspection results were to be transferred to the local investigation department of the Russian Investigative Committee.

According to the publication, the leadership of the Kurgan Federal Tax Service had repeatedly removed data from computers and CCTV cameras.

A few days earlier, Znak.com reported that Vladimir Ryzhuk had increased his income by 2.5 times in a year: from the initial 2.2 million rubles ($39.100) in 2015 to 5.48 million rubles ($97.600) in 2016.

Ryzhuk became the head of the local tax office in 2014 after leaving his post in the Tyumen region. Before long, local entrepreneurs became discontented with the new executive. After Ryzhuk changed his job, Ishimsky Wine and Vodka Plant LLC got on the list in the Kurgan Department of the Federal Tax Service. At the new place of registration, the plant now paid significantly less taxes than it had in Tyumen. This caused an instant protest from Tyumen tax officials, who had had a long conflict with the company. In addition, Kurgan businessmen said there had been some serious pressure from the Tax Service. The conflict reached the governor of the region Alexey Kokorin, who then met Ryzhuk personally to settle the differences.



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