Police planned to detain Badri Shengelia on charges of contract murder

Police planned to detain Badri Shengelia on charges of contract murder
Badri Shengelia

The 'authoritative' businessman faced charges over the crime committed 12 years ago.

On the eve of the murder, law enforcers planned to accuse 'authoritative' businessman of St. Petersburg Badri Shengelia with one of the criminal count. It's about the contract killing of ex-employee of the tax service Vyacheslav Orlov in 2006, the Petersburgsky Dnevnik writes. Orlov allegedly participated in many raider schemes, said the source of the edition in law enforcement agencies.

Shengelia, according to insiders, tried to bring accusations against 'night governor' of the northern capital and the alleged leader of the Tambovskaya gang, Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin. In 2012, gang participant Albert Starostin gave testimony against Baruskov, Kommersant writes. However, the investigators could not prove his involvement, so the siloviki planned to detain the 'authoritative' businessman in the coming days.

Badri Shengelia was shot on Sept. 17 in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region, when he was driving his Mercedes. Operatives counted about a dozen bullet holes, the killer fired from the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Witnesses were found, due to which it became known that the killer disappeared in a Mercedes car of white color with Finnish license plates.

Shengelia was the most famous raider in the Northwest in the 2000s. The businessman re-registered front companies and sold them "for hundreds of thousands of dollars" to representatives of organized crime communities. Shengelia became a suspect in criminal cases twice: in 2001 he was found guilty of fraud, released from punishment for health reasons, and then acquitted. In 2008, he was sentenced to 2 years and nine months take over of the Rabochy factory; a year later he was released on parole.

In addition, the 'authoritative' businessman was an intelligence informer of the special services. In particular, he was a witness in the case of 'night governor' Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin and the case of bribery against ICR Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko.



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