Police officers predict suicides due to overtime work

Police officers predict suicides due to overtime work

Moscow police officers complained about their exhaustion due to overtime work, lack of staff and aggressive management.

Police officers of the MIA in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky District asked for assistance of the Head of the police Central Board Oleg Baranov and the Moscow police labor union. In a collective letter, they spoke about catastrophic shortage of staff, which makes investigators’ work day last 16 hours. In addition, the department is "overworked with materials and papers, and the heads of the department treat personnel like cattle." 

As police officers said, those who had already finished their shifts were simply refused to be disarmed. It is also known, that some left their shift with weapons. According to the authors of the letter, many police officers are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and talks about suicide are heard more and more often. 

"As the Head of the department does not disarm officers, people often go home with their service weapon. And now talks about suicide are heard more and more often in order to attract attention to the situation in the department. We are all on the verge of a nervous breakdown. We beg you, Oleg Anatolyevich, increase our staff, or make a human be our head, but not these animals!" - the letter stated. 

An audio record of a meeting, where the head tells off the employee, was attached to the letter. In response, the woman complaints, she has 19 criminal cases and lots of complaints from citizens, and she has no time to do everything.

"I was shocked about an opinion among the police officers that suicide could attract attention to the situation. I wish God won’t let someone commit suicide. I would be guilty of this situation, as well as the police Central Board. I do not want that. That is why we sent the letter to Baranov," - the Moscow police labor union representative Mikhail Pashkin told to Life.

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Photo: Fragment of the letter

To remind: four cases of Russian police officers’ suicides were reported during the last week only. On October 15, Tyumen police officer committed suicide in his cabinet. On October 17, two Rostov Region police officers killed themselves: a 33-year-old detective of the Criminal Investigation Department in Novoshakhtinsk and a 36-year-old lieutenant of the Road Patrol Service. On October 17 the officer of the Moscow General Administration of the MIA in Sergiev Posad Alexey Shulagin committed suicide. At the site of his death a note with the words "Dad, I am tired of all..." was found. 



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