Police officer may be instigator of brawl with shooting outside Chechen school 

Police officer may be instigator of brawl with shooting outside Chechen school
Photo: Still from the video

Allegedly, it was a law enforcer who was rude to the mother of one of the students.

A mass brawl near a school in Grozny began after the policeman’s conflict with one of the graduates, Dozhd reports referring to a source in the law enforcement bodies. 

The incident took place on the territory adjacent to one of the schools. According to the TV channel’s source, at first, the police began to talk to the graduate and then said something rude to his mother. The ninth-grader stood up for the woman and received a blow from the policeman, after which the teenager’s classmates intervened. As a result, the incident escalated into a brawl with shooting. 

In the previously published video, shots can be heard. Preliminary version indicates that it was the police, who opened fire with automatic weapons, thus trying to stop the fight. The law enforcers shot into the air, witnesses say. 

In turn, NTV reports that the fight was instigated by the students, who wanted to sort things out after passing the main state examination. The police, for one, tried to break up the fighting schoolchildren, but ended up as participants in the fight. As a result, one of the law enforcers punched a ninth-grader. At the same time, the website Golos Islama refers to the fighters as guards.

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