Police major who knocked down “drunk” boy still witness in case 

Police major who knocked down “drunk” boy still witness in case

The child's family reported threats to accuse them of leaving the preschooler in danger.

In a criminal case regarding a “drunk” boy who was knocked down and killed in the Kirov Region, the driver, police major Sergey Menshikov, is still listed as a witness, not a suspect, relatives of the six-year-old child told Life.

According to eyewitnesses, at the time of the accident, the policeman's wife was also sitting in the car. The Major continues to work in the police department of the nearby village of Nema. Local residents are allegedly afraid to testify against him, and the family of the deceased was threatened. According to them, they were threatened with a criminal case about leaving the child in danger. 

The accident occurred on July 13, 2019 in the village of Buiskoye, the Kirov Region. The six-year-old child riding a bicycle was thrown 17 meters away. An examination revealed 0.51 ppm of alcohol in the boy’s blood. The investigation was taken under personal control by the head of the ICR, Alexander Bastrykin.



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