Police finds child tied to pole by neck in large fostering family

Police finds child tied to pole by neck in large fostering family
The big family of the Schavelevs, right - Vladislav

The family does not think that it was not lawful towards the boy.

On July 5, employees of the juvenile affairs department of the city of Myshkin (Yaroslavl region) discovered during an unscheduled inspection of the Schavelevs family one of the fostered children tied. Svetlana and Andrey have eight children: one is biological, one is adopted, and another 6 were granted for custody.

Schavelevs are considered a believing family, the police were surprised to see the 5-year-old Vladislav tied around his neck with a rope in the yard.

All children were removed from this family and placed in a rehabilitation center.

Svetlana Schaveleva explained her act to the fact that the boy has mental disorders and hyperactivity. Svetlana didn’t even untie Vladislav at the presence of the employees of the guardianship bodies, not understanding why this is considered cruel treatment.

It is worth noting that all the children did not want to leave with the guardians and the police to a rehabilitation center. They shouted and resisted. 5-year-old Vladislav is planned to be placed to a baby house. Previously a foster family has already rejected him.



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