Police elongates detention period for man suspected of shooting assault rifle on Moscow streets 

Police elongates detention period for man suspected of shooting assault rifle on Moscow streets
Detained Omar Omarov

The Tverskoy District Court, Moscow, elongated Dagestani Omar Omarov’s detention period. He was arrested for shooting an assault rifle on Moscow streets.

Anastasia Dzyurko, a media relation officer of the Court, was the one to inform the RIA Novosty Media Outlet about that. She pointed out the man will be detained until January 10, when the Court will consider police’s request to arrest 2 suspects. One of them shot an assault rifle and later published a video of him doing so on Instagram. The video was recorded by his friends.

May we remind you that the 28 y. o. man from the City of Makhachkala, the Republic of Dagestan, was arrested after police examined the video showing him shoot an assault rifle in the air on a Moscow street. Irina Volk, an official spokesperson for the MIA of the Russian Federation, announced police opened a criminal case against the man.

Police managed to find the perpetrators very quickly, as earlier reported by crimerussia.com. Police found the exact place thanks to the plate of a car caught on tape. Thus, police established that the incident took place near the Medvedkovo Moscow Metro Station, next to a Khinkalnaya Café Chain café. The shooter lived in a hostel located in the same house as the café, according to the investigation. He claimed that what he shot was just a toy making sounds akin to those of real weapon after he was arrested. He did so to “help endorse holiday spirit in the city”, according to the perpetrator.

However, police later confirmed the detainee fired an actual AK rifle at least 4 times, according to Life.

Video: Rifle shooting in Moscow center 2017



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