Police drive past street fight in Tyumen 

Police drive past street fight in Tyumen
Still from the video

The patrol car sounded a siren, but did not stop.

Two men were having a fight on the street in Tyumen. One of them, stripped to the waist, sat astride a man lying on the ground and beat him up. The third one, who had a can of beer in his hand, tried to calm him down, but it was all in vain. 

At this moment, a Road Patrol Service car passed them by (according to other sources, it was a traffic police car) with a siren on. Slowing down a little, it drove on. By the way, the fact that the police showed up did not have any effect on the fighters themselves. 

At the end of the video posted in the public group Ombudsmen Politsii, it is clear that another man helped to pull off the most active brawler.



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