Police detain maniac who attacked women with knife

Police detain maniac who attacked women with knife

Two people suffered from the attacks of the 22-year-old local resident.

Police officers detained a 22-year-old Togliatti resident who attacked women with a knife. A criminal case was initiated against the young man over intentionally causing grievous bodily harm (part 2 of Article 111 CCRF), by the MIA press service reported.

“The operatives of the Russian MIA’s Main Criminal Investigation Directorate, together with colleagues from the city of Togliatti and officers of the MIA Directorate for the Central Federal District, detained a person suspected for attacks on women,” said Irina Volk, the official MIA representative.

The offender was detained at one of the train stations in Moscow. The maniac committed all the crimes in deserted places on the territory of the Samara Region. The security camera recorded an attack on a 20-year-old girl on November 30. She is in hospital in serious condition. In addition, the offender seriously injured a 46-year-old woman.



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