Police detain reckless Mara Bagdasaryan

Police detain reckless Mara Bagdasaryan
Mara Bagdasaryan has once again been detained by the police

The reason for the detention was her absenteeism from community service.

Mara Bagdasaryan has been detained for her absenteeism from community service she had been sentenced to, reported Mash Telegram-channel. Her lawyer David Kemularia has confirmed the reports.

The street racer is notorious for her reckless driving in May 2016, when a Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen she was driving engaged in a high-speed chase of a few hours in which she was pursued by police cars, provoking dangerous situations. Besides, the driver and her passengers were broadcasting the whole thing on Periscope. Apart from Bagdasaryan, there was Ruslan Shamsuarov (Gelandewagen owner and the son of Lukoil vice-president) and his friends Abduvahob Majidov and Viktor Uskov. The court found the young men guilty and sentenced Shamsuarov, Uskov and Bagdasaryan to correctional labor. Bagdasaryan also had to pay 15% of her salary in favor of the state as a fine for showing a fake sick leave.

In March 2017, the driver was deprived of her license for life, after her lawyer Mr. Kemularia showed the court a certificate stating the woman had a number of diseases and injuries (including epilepsy), allegedly incompatible with labor. At that time, the value of unpaid fines exceeded 200.000 rubles ($3.380).

The reckless driver did not seem to like losing her driver’s license and did a press conference together with her father and the lawyer, where Bagdasaryan insulted journalists, and Kemularia denied the epilepsy reports he himself had provided. 



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