Police detain MGIMO student who killed biker driving Mercedes in Moscow 

Police detain MGIMO student who killed biker driving Mercedes in Moscow
23-year-old Arkady Dymov, leader of MADI Moto bike club, was killed in the accident

During the detention, Arkady Smelov was boldly insulting the policemen. Meanwhile, eyewitnesses say that a girl was driving when the accident happened, after which the MGIMO student changed seats with her.

Moscow police detained a MGIMO student, 20-year-old Arkady Smelov, who is considered the culprit of a deadly accident involving a biker on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow.

"The alleged culprit of the accident was detained under Art. 91 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Further investigative actions are being carried out aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident," reported the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow.

They added that the investigation department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Western AD of Moscow has opened a criminal case.

As the CrimeRussia wrote previously, the accident occurred the night before. The Mercedes-Benz ML knocked and killed a biker on Yamaha R1 driving along Kutuzovsky Prospekt near building 48 while changing lanes. According to eyewitnesses of the accident, a girl was driving the car at the time, but after the accident Smelov changed seats with her and drove away at once. People say someone took the girl from the accident scene in another car in an unknown direction. The biker turned out to be Arkady Dymov, a 23-year-old student running MADI moto bike section at the Physical Education Department of MADI University, and was urgently hospitalized. Despite the fact that the young man was in full motorcycle equipment, he died a few hours later on the operating table from serious injuries he got.


Arkady Dymov

As for the MGIMO student, who drove away in the white Mercedes, he did not go far away after all. Just a few kilometers from the accident scene, the young man lost control of the car, hit the marbles and crashed into a bus stop. By that time, road traffic inspectors arrived.


One of the eyewitnesses video-recorded the conversation that the MGIMO student had with the inspectors. Judging by the video, Smelov was in a state of intense intoxication: he was swaying noticeably and mumbling. The young man, who was not wearing his shirt at that time for some reason, is seen insulting the policemen and complaining about the cold.


In general, the student behaved boldly, seemingly completely unaware of what was happening and what had happened a few minutes earlier on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The traffic police officer repeatedly asked Smelov to take the breath test and it was not until the fourth or the fifth attempt that he managed to get his message across. The breathalyzer showed 0.39 per mille of alcohol in his blood.


Yesterday, several dozens of friends of the deceased Arkady Dymov gathered on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The people brought flowers and demanded an honest investigation of the accident and punishment for those responsible. The father of the MADI student came too.

"I am a motorcyclist myself, you all know me. One of the oldest ones. You all know, I’ve always taken part in all motor rallies. He had many friends in MADI, too, he ran the motor club. And so, just overnight, some strangers... Nothing was going on, they were not vandalizing or something. I am not bloodthirsty in any way, I don’t want to break this person down, let the investigation go on and they’ll get what they’ll get," said Arkady Dymov, Sr.

Video: Drunken MGIMO student detained in Moscow for running over a biker



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