Police checks into mass brawl with shooting in Pyatigorsk, possibly 1 dead 

Police checks into mass brawl with shooting in Pyatigorsk, possibly 1 dead

Law enforcers have initiated a check into the information about a mass brawl in a night club in Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region.

According to TASS citing the police press service, the check is carried out by the Pyatigorsk police department.

In particular, the officers are verifying a possible death, as well as the details of the incident.

Users from an Instagram group of Pyatigorsk locals note that the fight with weapons took place on the Friday night. It involved over 10 young men; a night club was evacuated. The restaurant administrator has confirmed this information to journalists.

In addition, there is a video from the scene outside of Daki restaurant in social networks with commentaries by other witnesses. 

Bloknot-Stavropol says that the fight took place in the Nizhny Rynok area at half past midnight. Witness report on one dead. Allegedly, the man was shot in the head.

In addition, some say it was the night club guard who started shooting: “Many eyewitnesses say that the guard used weapons and wounded a man! Nothing is clear, there is blood and broken mirrors everywhere. Emergency evacuation of all guests. Many police officers. Everyone was led out through the emergency exit!!! The information about the shooter is inaccurate. But there was shooting and there are wounded people.”

Video: Mass fight with 1 dead, Pyatigorsk



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