Police checking law enforcers who tried to strangle passerby

Police checking law enforcers who tried to strangle passerby
Frame from the video

If the fact of the attack on the pedestrian is confirmed, the policeman will be dismissed.⁠

The Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs checks a video that was published on the Internet. The author of the video claims that the Traffic Police officers tried to strangle him.

The passerby began to criticize the inspectors for violating the rules of parking and inspection, filming their activities on the phone. A verbal skirmish ensued, Traffic Police officers began to push the operator, and then attacked him.

"Policemen, you are engaged in lawlessness!" after this phrase the image is shaking. It can be seen that the man fell to the ground with a cry "They are killing me!"

The victim said that, while walking along the road, he decided to remark law enforcement officers upon their car parked with traffic violations. He decided to film the situation on the video. Later it was found out that the inspection of the car, which was conducted by the inspectors, was made without presentation of IDs. The man approached the traffic police officers and continued to withdraw in the hope that the police would rectify their violations. However, instead, policemen started to push the passerby and said that he violated their rights. After that, one of the employees grabbed the man and started to choke him, and also try to take away the phone.

The law enforcement agencies said that if the fact of violations by traffic police officers is confirmed, they face serious disciplinary responsibility including dismissal.



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