Police began checking reports on criminal cases tossed in trash

Police began checking reports on criminal cases tossed in trash
Photo: Telegram Channel Gasitel

Earlier, the photos of the bin and sheets with the MIA symbols were published on the Web.

The MIA Directorate for the Volgograd Region organized a check on reports regarding criminal cases found in a pile of trash next to a street bin. If this is confirmed, the perpetrators, it was promised, will be punished, the regional edition V1.ru reports.

The discovery was reported by the Telegram-channel Gasitel which published a photo of a trash bin and the title page of a certain criminal case. Later, the author of the channel indicated the address: Volgograd, the square by the Tryaskina Street 11, 30 meters from the entrance to the city police department No. 2. The photos are of poor quality, which makes it difficult to figure out what is written on the files.

Earlier, bloggers have also happened to find materials containing the personal data of the Russian citizens tossed along with other garbage. In September 2018, Dmitry Gilyazov, a resident of Asbest, reported of the local police’s secret documents he had found in a landfill. In August of the same year, blogger Lana Sator photographed a lot of documents in an abandoned police station in Moscow.



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