Police attack IC3PEAK band tour manager and Mediazona correspondent 

Police attack IC3PEAK band tour manager and Mediazona correspondent

Law enforcement agencies thwarted a concert in Voronezh, because of complaints about the club's kitchen.

In Voronezh, police forcelessly applied violence to IC3PEAK tour manager Oleg Mitrofanov and journalist Nikita Sologub. The security forces blocked the entrance to the 12 club, where the concert of musicians was scheduled. Mediazona reports about it.

A representative of Rospotrebnadzor accompanied by police officers visited the club. The official found many violations without going into the kitchen and even mentioned “prohibited activities.” The police captain studied the protocol of the Rospotrebnadzor representative and admitted that no violations in the kitchen had been identified, but "not only the activities of your organization but also musicians are prohibited."


The officials and police at the IC3PEAK concert. Photo: Mediazona

Several dozen fans of musicians approached the club, the others did not have time - the police blocked the entrance and even the dressing room. When the tour manager tried to get out of it, he was roughly pressed against the wall, and journalist Sologub was grabbed by the neck. Then, the police demanded to write a statement about Mitrofanov's “illegal activities,” but the lawyer cited Article 51 of the Constitution and refused to testify against himself.


Entrance to the club was locked. Photo: Mediazona

As a result, the dressing room door was broken down; the fans were taken out of the room, the concert was canceled. Ticket buyers tried to break into the club, the police beat them and put in their car.

IC3PEAK faces resistance from local authorities. The venue of the concert in Voronezh was kept secret till the end.

In the meantime, Ivanovo had to cancel the concert of the Friendzone band. “The reasons are the same as in other cities. Pressure, threats from power structures,” the musicians said. The Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation promised "to stop this idiocy."



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