PMC: mother of boy found in Losiny Ostrov National Park was starved for 2 days

PMC: mother of boy found in Losiny Ostrov National Park was starved for 2 days
Nadezhda Kulikova

The woman arrested on charges of Attempt at Murder of her son complained about the police.

Nadezhda Kulikova, who is accused of attempting to kill her 6-year-old son, has complained about the police to PMC members. According to Kulikova, she has not eaten in two days; she was not given water in the convoy room in court. In addition, according to the arrestee, after the arrest, police officers did not allow her to call her mother and talk in private with the appointed lawyer. This is reported by Interfax.

“The woman said that she did not eat anything while she was looking for her son and for two days during the investigative actions, and when they brought her to court for the first time, they refused to give her water or even boiling water in the guard room. She finally had something to eat when she was brought back to the temporary containment cell,” the agency cites PMC Executive Secretary Ivan Melnikov.

According to Melnikov, Kulikova is worried about her son, about whom she knows nothing. None of her relatives have visited her in four days of detention, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. According to Kulikova, her son is registered with a psychiatrist.

February 22, the court arrested her until April 18. On February 18, six-year-old Slava was found at the 102nd kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road with a garbage bag on his head. He had wandered through the Losiny Ostrov National Park all night. According to him, his mother wanted to punish him.



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