Please install VPN! Roskomnadzor tries to block CrimeRussia again

Please install VPN! Roskomnadzor tries to block CrimeRussia again
Another one attempt to block the CrimeRussia web site was made. Photo: CrimeRussia

The CrimeRussia to be blocked in the near future. To continue reading us, please install VPN.

On July 12, 2016 after Roskomnadzor blocked access to our web site in Russia. We promised our readers that we are not going to surrender. We will fight for our right to write about corrupt officials and for the right of Russian citizens to get unbiased information. We have fulfilled our promise. Yet despite the efforts of our lawyers, the main Russian censorship machine makes another one attempt to block access to our web site, thus proving whose interests it serves.

We have been in a state of permanent fight with the censorship since that day.

Lawyers of the CrimeRussia managed to challenge the decision of the Simonovsky District Court of Moscow, on the basis of which our web-site was blocked without any notification, which was gross violation of existing rules. But the main battle for justice is to come. And as it became known today, Roskomnadzor does not leave attempts to block access to our web site.

It is worth mentioning that this time Roskomnadzor bothered to inform us about its complaints. However the claim does not contain a specific article or a material, where the law was violated. As if implying that we are violating the law constantly.

We understand that sooner or later Roskomnadzor gets its way using its administrative resources and acting in the interests of corrupt officials and we will be closed under any pretext. But, in fact, Roskomnadzor and hiding behind him officials are not so scary. We will stay in touch regardless of the outcome of our litigation with Roskomnadzor and will always be accessible from abroad. In this regard, we want once again to urge our readers and readers of all anti-corruption media to take up the use of modern means to circumvent the sites blocking. For everyone, who is interested in what is really happening in Russia, we propose to use the VPN-services. In our instructions we present information on special applications that can ensure your anonymity online, the protection of your personal data, privacy of your correspondence, as well as retain the opportunity to visit the resources that have been blocked on the territory of Russia in a simple and accessible way.



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