Platon networks to reach regions

Platon networks to reach regions

The Auditing Chamber of the Russian Federation believes that the implementation of the idea of the toll on regional roads will lead to new strikes.

The Representatives of Russian subordinate entities are planning to launch the analogs of the system Platon to collect tolls on roads of regional significance,  Kommersant reported. The legislative initiative on the implementation of this idea, supported by the Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, was sent to the State Duma.

The initiative on the application of the system on the regional roads was expressed by the CEO of the Association of territorial bodies for road management RADOR Igor Starygin. According to his information, the heavyweights started avoiding federal highways in order not to pay the fee. According to Starygin, because of this, on the roads of regional significance there are now wheel spans of 5-15 cm. The representatives of truckers reacted negatively to the initiative, arguing that by imposing new fees on the drivers, the local elite will try to solve the problems with the budget deficit. The drivers also do not agree with the statements about using other roads: according to their data, no more than 3-7% of them left the federal highways.

At the same time, the Auditing Chamber is concerned that the creation of new money collection systems will lead to strikes, such as those that occurred last year due to the introduction of the Platon system. Initially, the idea was not approved by the Ministry of Transport and Rosavtodor.

The regional authorities also support the approval of the initiative. Experts explain their desire to introduce Platon’s analogs by the catastrophic state of the local roads.

In addition, the Ministry of Transport is considering raising tariffs in Platon system. Maxim Sokolov said that the tolls for heavy trucks is the international practice, similar fees are much higher in other countries. According to him, fee in Belarus is about 7-11 rubles, Germany - 39 rubles, Norway - 73 rubles. Based on this information, the public officer concludes that the increase of the fee from 1.5 to 3 rubles is acceptable and economically justified.

At that, the Minister also forgets to mention that, unlike the countries he listed, in Russia, the truck drivers are also charged with an additional fee in the form of transport tax and excise tax on gasoline. With the introduction of Platon they promised to cancel them, but this was not done.

Earlier, in November 2015, the drivers responded to the introduction of Platon with mass protests. As a result, the original size of the fee in amount of 3.72 rubles per kilometer has been reduced to 1.5 rubles. During the first nine months of the system’s operation, 15.8 billion rubles were collected; 766.7 thousand vehicles and 262 thousand companies were registered. The biggest part of the collected funds (10.8 billion rubles) was allocated to road repairs.

The businessmen Andrey and Igor Rotenbergs stand for the Platon system. They operate on the basis of a concession agreement with the Russian Government. According to it, the state, for 13 years, will pay the concessionaires 10.6 billion rubles a year, regardless of the amount of collected money.



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