Platon extends to regions

Platon extends to regions

A bill, according to which truckers will pay not only for federal, but also regional roads, was introduced at the State Duma. The main purpose of such amendments is to replenish the regional budgets with billions of rubles. Nevertheless, the idea is called premature, and the authorities are going to first see how the federal Platon will show itself.

The regional authorities want to charge the owners of heavy vehicles (weighing more than 12 tonnes) for travel on local roads according to the same scheme, on which the system Platon works. The Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Region has made the appropriate amendments to the law "On automobile roads". Their basic idea is that now all the money collected will be transferred to the regional budget.

The Krasnodar Deputy Alexey Gusak considers it necessary to increase the cost of using the regional roads to the federal level, according to Kommersant. In addition, the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region and the Ministry of Transport in Nizhny Novgorod believe that such an initiative is worth supporting, because, according to preliminary estimates of the experts, the amount of fees from the new system can exceed 1 billion rubles a year, which are required by local authorities to repair the roads.

It is to be recalled that the system Platon was launched in November 2015, and the assigned tariff of 1.5 rubles per 1 km of the road has caused a wide public resonance and truckers strike. The truck drivers were forced to use the free regional and inter-municipal road network, which in turn, according to officials, has led to their destruction. According to the Deputies of the Krasnodar Region, the repair requires additional funding and regional budgets are affected by this new burden.

However, according to Kommersant, the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Transport Sergei Ten, called the bill premature. He said that the money received from the system, in any case, will be redistributed to the regions. According to Ten, it is now important to wait a few years to see how the system operates, and then to introduce its regional analogue.

It is to be noted that the length of the regional road network is ten times longer than the federal road network, which, accordingly, will affect the cost of living significantly greater than the influence of Platon.

For 8 months of the program, the company called RT-Invest Transportation Systems has collected more than 11 billion rubles, by the end of 2016 it is planned to collect 9 billion more. Of these 20 billion rubles, 10.8 billion will be spent on repair of the roads in the regions, and part of the funds will go for co-financing of the major road construction projects. It is worth mentioning that every year the concessionaires have to get out of its budget 10.6 billion rubles for the maintenance of the system.

RTITS company engaged in collecting money and owned by Igor Rothenberg and Andrey Shipelov, did not comment on the bill, and the press office of the Russian Ministry of Transport stated that the introduction of the Platon system regions "does not have a proper basis".

Rosavtodor also believes that the problem of the destruction of regional roads is exaggerated, because they are not used too often go round the federal roads: it is uncomfortable and as a result still leads to a rise in the cost of transportation.



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