PIK Group of Companies searched

PIK Group of Companies searched
Employees of the FSB conduct searches in the main office of the PIK Group of Companies

Investigative actions are conducted by FSB officers.⁠

The main office of the group of companies PIK, the main shareholder of which is former senator Sergey Gordeev, was searched. Operational activities were conducted by the FSB. This is reported by TASS with reference to its own sources.

The reason for conducting the investigative actions has not yet been established. According to eyewitnesses, the office was cordoned off by a ring of Rosgvardia OMON employees, who did not admit or let anyone out of the building.

A representative of PIK confirmed to Interfax the fact of the search, however, did not disclose its purpose. According to the source, the investigative measures are not related to the company itself, its shareholders or employees.

Meanwhile, Julia Ivanova, the senior assistant to the Head of the ICR Central Board in Moscow, said that the search took place in the case of damage to the Moscow branch of the Dynamo sports society.

"As part of the investigation of the criminal case on the material damage to the Moscow city department of the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Society Dynamo, the investigators of the ICR in Moscow are conducting searches in the PIK group of companies in order to withdraw the documentation of interest," Ivanova said in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

At 12.30 the company's press office reported that the central office of PIK Group had returned to its work after the completion of the search.

The PIK group of companies was established in 1994. PIK is one of the leaders of the construction industry in Moscow and other regions of the capital. The company specializes in the construction of affordable housing. Since its inception, PIK has built almost 16 million square meters of residential real estate. In 2016, the structure was purchased by the construction company Morton.



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