Pictures of Kerch college massacre 

Pictures of Kerch college massacre
Windows were broken

Windows and glass doors of the educational institution were broken. Many students tried to escape through windows. The Polytechnic College doorkeeper said that it took the ambulance very long to arrive.

Ruptly has published the pictures made in the Kerch Polytechnic College after the attack. They show broken partitions, broken mirrors, overturned cabinets, and upturned desks.


Windows and glass doors are broken on the ground floor of the building, with door frames lying on the ground. After hearing the shots and explosion, many had to escape through windows.


Polytechnic College doorkeeper Natalya Ponikarovskaya told Mash about the chaos reigning in the place during the massacre. “After the second explosion, it came to me that the ambulance was taking too long to arrive. The nurse complained that she had run out of bandages. There were many wounded children, and she had only one tourniquet. I went up to her and said “Please tighten my hand so that it doesn't bleed,” and she said she did not have enough materials. As for the children, it was horrible; some had their leg missing, there were knees sticking out, everyone was crying for help. It was horrible. Maybe I’m wrong as to the ambulance taking too long, I was just very nervous.”

The attack on the Kerch Polytechnic College took place on October 17. The four-year student Vladislav Roslyakov came to the educational institution with a gun and improvised bombs and began the shooting and triggered an explosion, after which he committed suicide. The attack claimed the lives of 21 people, another 68 were wounded. The ICR has initiated a criminal case of Act of Terrorism (Art. 205 of the Russian Criminal Code) but later reclassified the charge to Murder (part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code).

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