Photos of subway car exploded in 2017 St. Petersburg terrorist attack published 

Photos of subway car exploded in 2017 St. Petersburg terrorist attack published
Photo: Fontanka

The evidence has caused bewilderment at the attorneys of the suspects in the attack.

Fontanka published photos of the St. Petersburg subway car, where a terrorist attack, which killed 15 passengers, occurred on April 2017.

The car is stored as evidence in one of the depots of St. Petersburg. The frames show that it is not sealed, but closed and modified by aluminum sheets. They cover ruined doors and windows.

The defense of one of the defendants in the case asked the court to investigate the car due to details that seemed suspicious to the lawyers at a meeting on July 22. Concave inward doors, an abandoned mop, and newspapers released after the attack produced questions.

“We believe that the court needs to investigate these circumstances to remove the misunderstandings and questions that have arisen,” Viktor Drozdov, representing Shokhista Karimova’s interests, stated.

The attack occurred in the subway car on the Sennaya Square - Technological Institute stage on April 3, 2017. Fifteen passengers and alleged suicide bomber Akbarzhon Dzalilov were killed. One more bomb was found on the Vosstaniya Square; the police managed to defuse it. Eleven people are suspects, none of them pleaded guilty.

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