Photographer Loshagin who killed his wife claims her inheritance

Photographer Loshagin who killed his wife claims her inheritance
Dmitry Loshagin Photo: RIA Novosti / Pavel Lisitsyn

The murderer plans to share two of his wife's Augi TTs with her relatives.

The photographer from Yekaterinburg, who is serving a sentence for murdering his wife Yulia Prokopyeva, is fighting for the right to inherit her property comprising of two Audi TTs. This is reported by referring to the victims’ lawyer Ivan Volkov.

The parents of deceased Yulia have already become heirs. However, Loshagin sent them a letter from the colony, demanding to give him half of the cost of cars. Otherwise, the murderer threatens them with legal proceedings.

After Yulia’s death, Loshagin ‘recalled’ that he was her heir. After the first-instance court acquitted the man, he was released. Only six months later, after reviewing the case, the court sentenced him to a term in the colony. During this time, the photographer managed to inherit half of the woman's apartment. However, according to the lawyer of the victim’s family, Loshagin has no right to claim any property, since he is an unworthy heir who committed the murder of the testator.

Yulia’s family plan to file a counterclaim on the payment of moral compensation. The court has already obliged Loshagin to pay the family 2 million rubles ($29,847), but the photographer has yet to pay them.

To recall, the Yekaterinburg model Yulia Prokopyeva was found dead in 2013. She went missing after a party held in the couple’s loft apartment. Soon her disfigured body was found in a forest belt. Loshagin’s guilt was proven thanks to the surveillance camera recording, showing the man taking out a plastic container from the apartment. The investigation believes that he took the victim’s body to the woods.

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