Petersburg ‘authority’ nicknamed Dingo gunned down Adam Osmayev 

Petersburg ‘authority’ nicknamed Dingo gunned down Adam Osmayev
Amina Okuyeva and Adam Osmayev

At the moment, both the killer and his victim are in the hospital.

The person who gunned down Adam Osmayev yesterday in Kiev was a St. Petersburg bandit Artur Krinari (a.k.a. Kurmakaev, aka Denisultanov, aka Tishchenko, aka Tsebro) nicknamed Dingo.

Osmayev, along with his wife Amina Okuyeva, went to a meeting with a man who introduced himself as a journalist for the French newspaper Le Monde, Alex Werner. During the conversation that took place in Osmayev's car, the ‘journalist’ took a Glock pistol out of the box and fired the field commander into the chest. In response, he immediately received a series of shots from Okuyeva, who fired from the award Makarov pistol. According to the woman, Dingo shouted: "Don’t shoot, I give up!" After this, the failed killer was pushed out of the car and fell to the ground and did put up any resistance. Now, both wounded are in the hospital. Their condition is assessed as stable.  

Dingo after being shot Wounded killer The car in which the shooting took place
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At the killer's a passport in the name of the resident of Odessa who deceased in 2001 – Alexander Dakar – was found. This was reported by the Ukrainian publication At that, the passport was issued in February 2016. The sources of the publication in law enforcement agencies reported that the reason for issuing this passport was the change of the name – the resident of Odessa named Alexander Antipov became Alexander Dakar.

The last time information of Krinari-Kurmakaev transpired in 2010, when law enforcers detained him after a woman applied to the police about the loss of 7.5 million rubles. Before that, she met Dingo who even promised to marry her. By the time of his detention, Krinari-Kurmakaev was already on the wanted list for another case of theft. On March 4 of the same year, Odintsovo City Court found him guilty of committing crimes he was charged with and sentenced him to 8 years of jail time.

Артур Кринари («Динго»)

The thief, fraudster and marriage swindler Krinari-Kurmakaev, who bore the surname Denisultanov since birth, is known in the criminal world of Petersburg since the 90s. He was repeatedly arrested on charges of fraud, use of forged documents, attempt murder of a police officer and kidnapping.

In 2001, Denisultanov married the sister of the famous Gatchina businessman Kiyam Kurmakaev and took her surname. A year later, the businessman accused him of stealing money. Law enforcement authorities initiated a criminal case him several times, but Dingo always managed to escape punishment. 

In 2008, he was arrested in the Austrian capital, Vienna, on the case of the murder of Ramzan Kadyrov’s former security guard, Umar Israilov. Then, Dingo said what the latter was "ordered" by his "former employer" Ramzan Kadyrov. However, after returning to his homeland, Dingo publicly refused his testimony.

In 2009, he told law enforcement officers that he found a pistol on the street with a magazine and 7 cartridges. At that time, he was wanted under the fraud case. However, while transporting it from one facility to another, the Dingo managed to escape.

The name of Adam Osmayev became known for the first time in 2007. The FSB initially announced the prevention of a terrorist attack in Moscow. It was noted that in the VAZ-2107 car parked at the Profsoyuznaya Street, a radio telephone, a Kalashnikov assault rifle, 20 kg of plastic and a "20-liter canister with gasoline and two computer system units, in one of which there was a box of metal balls" was found. However, later, the secret services said that they had prevented the attempted assassination of the leader of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, rather than the act of terrorism. Upon the fact of Adam Osmayev’s involvement in that, the apartment of his uncle, Amin Osmayev, the former Chairman of the Supreme Council of Chechnya and member of the Federation Council of Russia, was searched.

Soon, all the suspects were detained, including Adam Osmayev, the native of the city of Grozny who lives in Moscow. According to other sources, in this case he was only a witness. Anyway, but his accomplices eventually received from 5 to 8 years of jail time, while he was able to avoid punishment and leave for the UK.

Osmayev reminded of himself again in 2012 when he was detained in Odessa: this time, on suspicion of preparing an attempt on Vladimir Putin immediately after the presidential elections in Russia (Putin was then the prime minister). Earlier, in his rented apartment on the Tiraspolskaya Street, an improvised explosive device exploded, as a result of which one of his accomplices, a 26-year-old Russian citizen Ruslan Madaev, was killed and Ilya Pyanzin, a 28-year-old citizen of Kazakhstan, was seriously injured. The latter was detained, began to cooperate with the investigation and told all the circumstances of the allegedly prepared crime.

Adam Osmayev after detention in 2012

Adam Osmayev after detention in 2012

Criminal cases were conducted both in Ukraine and in Russia. However, according to the decision of the ECHR, Osmayev was never extradited and was imprisoned on the territory of Ukraine. After the arrival of the new government in this country in November 2014, he was rehabilitated for a number of "heavy" articles and was accused only of illegal handling of explosives, reckless destruction of others' property and forgery of the document. However, he had already served a term of 2 years and 9 months, so he was released.

Soon after the beginning of the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine, Osmayev joined the volunteer Battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudayev, in which Chechens who emigrated from Russia fought against the militants of self-proclaimed LNR and the DNR. In February 2015, after the death of the previous head of the battalion, Isa Munayev, Osmayev became the leader of this formation.

Amina Okuyeva tells the circumstances of the attack on her husband



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