Peskov's daughter: Dad used to drive taxi at night  

Peskov's daughter: Dad used to drive taxi at night
Yelizaveta and her father Dmitry Peskov

Yelizaveta made a statement to all haters who accuse her of a lack of patriotism.

The daughter of Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told Gazeta.Ru why she is reluctant to leave Paris and how her father used to drive taxi at night to make extra money.

Yelizaveta Peskova, who recently frowned upon fraudulent migrants in the French capital, said she was not planning to move anywhere else. The daughter of Putin's press secretary has been living in Paris for 7 years and is a student of a high-status business school.

According to her, the safety level in the city has dropped significantly in recent years. Nevertheless, life in Paris also has many advantages. The girl is mostly enticed by the warm Parisian climate and short distances.

"I can always easily plan my day as I know exactly how much time everything takes, so I have time to do all the things I planned. I manage to do much more things here than in Moscow, although most of the time I walk or use the metro. I enjoy this kind of walks a lot," Yelizaveta said.

Peskova finds it easy to adapt to any new place and considers herself a cosmopolitan. The girl said that she thinks the accusations she gets all the time that ‘she has to live in Russia’ are ridiculous. The daughter of the president's press secretary admitted that she ‘feels sorry’ for the people who leave ‘mean comments’ below her Instagram posts because they are simply jealous.

According to Yelizaveta, she remembers the time when her family did not have any money at all. “Mom and Dad used to put me to bed and would drive taxi at night after university and work”. The girl said they never had any envy or anger towards more successful or wealthy people. "My family has always put friendship, support and love first," she stated.

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