Person who killed CPE head acted unconventionally. Homicide department employee points out details of crime

Person who killed CPE head acted unconventionally. Homicide department employee points out details of crime

According to the policeman, the killer could have left businessman Gursman Sapraliev alive, only to have time to escape from the crime scene.

The high profile murder of Ibragim Eldzharkiyev and his brother, the head of the MIA’s Department “E” for Ingushetia, raises many questions among the citizens. Most often, people are interested in how the killers managed to fulfill the order and escape from Moscow full of CCTV cameras. A police officer with 10 years of experience in the homicide department anonymously answered a number of questions asked by the MK journalists about contract killings in Moscow.

According to him, killers most often use stolen cars, which they immediately get rid of. Less often they use their own cars with double plate numbers. The killer of the Eldzharkievs was brought by a Mazda purchased a couple of days before the planned crime. 

Also, the Stechkin automatic pistol is an extremely rare murder weapon – most often killers use firearms converted from gas or traumatic non-lethal weapons, the officer says. 

When asked why the killer left Eldzharkiev’s friend, businessman Gursman Sapraliev alive, the police answered that, firstly, the killer might simply not have noticed him, and secondly, he did not want to waste precious time in time to escape. 

The officer also pointed out that usually non-resident killers try to leave the capital as soon as possible and “ditch” the car that they used to commit the crime as far as possible.

It is to be recalled that, according to preliminary information, the criminal left Moscow only on November 5, and the Mazda was discovered not far from the place where the brothers were shot. 

According to the law enforcement officer, the decrease in the number of crimes in recent years has nothing to do with the fact that there are a lot of surveillance cameras in Moscow. Experienced criminals can get around this “obstacle” using baseball caps, bandanas, balaclavas, hoods, etc. Moreover, according to the preliminary version, the killer worked in a taxi for a while – he knew the city well and could plan the best way out in advance.



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