Person behind unrest in gypsy settlement in Yekaterinburg sent under house arrest

Person behind unrest in gypsy settlement in Yekaterinburg sent under house arrest
Dmitry Pestrikov

Four days after the incident, Dmitry Pestrikov (Dima Tsygan) and his brothers Ruslan Ogly and Yanek Knyazev were detained under the case of organization and participation in mass unrest.

By the decision of Yekaterinburg court, one of the organizers of mass disorders in a gypsy settlement, as a result of which two people were killed and seven others were shot and wounded, has been sent under house arrest.

According to RIA News, another defendant has been released on parole. As the Investigation Directorate of the ICR for the Sverdlovsk region reported, the role of the third suspect is being established. The suspect has been released on personal recognizance to appear. However, the ICR failed to specify which one of the defendants had been released under house arrest.

The incident occurred on September 3 on Deputatskaya street in Yekaterinburg. A large group of young people with firearms and machetes arrived to the house of businessman Oleg Shishov, with whom Dmitry Pestrikov nicknamed Dima Tsygan (Dima the Gypsy) had had a conflict shortly before this. After a verbal dispute, a fight broke out, resulting in the use of firearms. Using Vepr carbine, one of the defenders Aleksey Dutov seriously injured Kirill Shtripling and Ilya Tashimov, who later died in hospital.

A criminal case concerning the murder of two persons and wounding of seven unrest participants was initiated on September 4; however, investigation under this article was later discontinued and replaced by a new case under exceeding of necessary defense. This happened after Oleg Shishov voluntarily surrendered to the police and wrote a statement about bringing the attackers to justice.

September 6, the Investigations Directorate of the ICR in the Sverdlovsk region instituted a case of the mass unrest organization, in connection with which several attackers along with Dmitry Pestrikov were detained. Proceedings were instituted under articles Murder of two persons and Illicit arms trafficking. The brothers Ruslan Ogly and Yanek Knyazev were also charged with organization of mass disturbances along with Pestrikov.

Aleksey Dutov, who had been shooting at the attackers, was hiding from the investigation for two weeks; September 16, he turned himself in to ICR officers, was granted victim status, and released on parole.



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