Perm school kid was planning to “kill at least 50 people” 

Perm school kid was planning to “kill at least 50 people”

A photo of his notebook provided by an insider has the whole crime planned in detail.

A schoolboy of Cherdyn (Perm Region) was preparing to commit a massacre, a source close to law enforcement said. Notes were found in one of the teenager’s notebooks where he laid down a plan for his future crime.

“This is a teenager from one of the Cherdyn schools. Specialists are working with him at the moment,” the insider explained. The press service of the Perm Ministry of Internal Affairs told the agency that the young man had not committed any illegal actions yet.

The photo of the notes provided by the insider has the future crime planned in detail. “Get money, get weapon, make IED [improvised explosive device], wait for the right moment, kill at least 50 people,” the teenager’s notebook says. He also put quotes that are associated with the AUE (prison romanticizing subculture), saying, “these quotes are part of me, and I am part of them.”


A source familiar with the situation claims that right now, it’s not the law enforcement agencies, but the medical workers, who work with the kid.

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