Perm region: hooligans bully entertainer for an hour 

Perm region: hooligans bully entertainer for an hour
Still from the video

After the bullying, the rowdies smashed one of the stores.

In Berezniki, the Perm region, two locals abused an 18-year-old entertainer who worked at the mall entrance wearing a cat costume.

The bullying was captured on security cameras. The video shows the hooligans prevent the entertainer from working, ripping off the costume's head, tugging at it, or kicking her. An hour later, the girl decided to use a pepper spray against the hooligans, spraying it in their face.

After that, they left for a while, but then returned and began to smash one of the stores, tipping goods from shop windows. As a result, the mall employees called the police. Both rowdies were detained. One of them was hospitalized with chemical burn. At the moment, the police are checking into this incident.



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