"People were getting out through windows, doors wouldn’t open", eyewitness on St. Petersburg metro explosions 

"People were getting out through windows, doors wouldn’t open", eyewitness on St. Petersburg metro explosions
All stations of the St. Petersburg metro are closed both from the entrance and exit

According to sources, the explosive device was stuffed with damaging agents. Latest reports say that the explosion killed 10 and wounded about 20.

Eyewitnesses of the attack in St. Petersburg subway provided details of the incident.

"There was an explosion, sparks and dust around, smoke smelled of gunpowder. When the train arrived at Tekhnolozhka [Tekhnologichesky Institut, station], people were getting out through windows, doors wouldn’t open. There are definitely some wounded people," a man from an adjacent train car told the Bumaga newspaper.

"I was going from Sennaya Ploshchad [station] to Tekhnolozhka [Tekhnologichesky Institut, station]. I heard a flap, felt a strong thrust and gunpowder smell. The lights went out in the next car. The train did not stop until we reached the station, then it did. People were getting out through broken windows, and subway workers were already pulling out victims. I guess the fourth or fifth car exploded towards the end of the train. I saw at least four wounded or dead. The platform was all smoke-filled, people were in shock and kind of panicked," said another eyewitness.

A student named Polina also witnessed the incident and said that the explosion occurred between Sennaya station and Tekhnologichesky Institut station.

"We were in the adjacent car, going home from school. There were a lot of people in the car at the time: no empty seats, many were standing. The explosion occurred between two stations. There was a very loud flap, then a strong smell and smoke. We rushed towards the end of the car, people jammed. Two women fainted. This all happened before the train stopped. Everyone got off at Tekhnologichesky Institut. We saw that the next car was smashed, the windows were broken, there was no light, blood everywhere," the girl said.

As the CrimeRussia reported earlier today, the explosion in St. Petersburg subway occurred around 14.30 Moscow time. According to some sources, two explosions happened, one of 200g and 300g in TNT equivalent. The explosive device was stuffed with destructive agents. According to preliminary reports, 10 people were killed and about 20 wounded.

The Prosecutor’s Office has already initiated checks into the event. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is now in St. Petersburg, said that all versions are being considered, including terrorism. The Moscow Metro is taking extra security measures after the incident in the St. Petersburg metro. 

Video: St. Petersburg terror attack, Sennaya Ploshchad metro station. April 3, 2017



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