Penza village residents scared of Romani mayhem 

Penza village residents scared of Romani mayhem
Photo: Social media

People on social networks told about a skirmish with shooting and stabbing in the village of Chemodanovka.

Alarming messages appeared in Penza Live group on Vkontakte social network. Users told about stabbing and fight with shooting between the residents of Chemodanovka village and Gypsies.

The conflict occurred on June 13 on Kuznetsova Street near a local church. According to users, local residents 'rebelled' against newly arrived Gypsies, who started to molest children en masse.

“Fathers stood up for their daughters! It is hard to put what was happening in the village into words. Innocent citizens suffered, and some of the villagers suffered damage from these monsters,” writes an eyewitness.

According to him, a crowd of Gypsies rushed through the streets, smashed the windows of cars, demolished fences, and slaughtered residents on their way. Three people were hospitalized.


The police arrived at the scene after a few dozen calls.

“The police were called fifteen times, no one arrived, then one car came after all, but they could not do anything, sort of called the riot police from the city. What a devil-may-care attitude of the authorities towards our people! After all, there are children, old people, and we cannot see the police come ...” says an eyewitness.

“They told the police that they would sharpen knives and cut everyone,” another village resident wrote.

The regional administration of Rosgvardia confirmed the fact of the call, but refrained from details.



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