Penza region governor urges to avoid blood feud over murder in Chemodanovka

Penza region governor urges to avoid blood feud over murder in Chemodanovka
Ivan Belozertsev

The conflict in the village of Chemodanovka, Penza region, where one person died as a result of a mass brawl, has escalated into a confrontation between local residents and Gypsies.

The conflict between the local population of Chemodanovka and the Gypsies, as a result of which one person died and four were injured, must be resolved peacefully, Region Governor Ivan Belozertsev said. He posted his message on the website of the regional government.

The region head pointed out that the guilty had to be punished within the framework of the law. He also recalled that all involved in the conflict were citizens of the Russian Federation, and the same legislation applied to them.

In his opinion, the situation needs to be resolved through negotiations, and the authorities of the region will act as an intermediary. Belozertsev said that he would stay in Chemodanovka for as long as it takes to settle the conflict. He also spoke about the measures taken by the government; patrols were organized, and there is a 24-hour hotline accepting questions from citizens. 

On June 13, there was a mass brawl in Chemodanovka. Local residents claim that the conflict began at the pond, where the Roma began to pester the villagers. Several people were injured as a result of a fight; one of them got a head injury and died in hospital the following day.

Local residents blocked the road protesting against the Gypsies.



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