Pension fund head denies having ‘palaces’ at fund’s disposal

Pension fund head denies having ‘palaces’ at fund’s disposal
Anton Drozdov

According to Anton Drozdov, all premises are standard and used for servicing citizens.

Head of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Anton Drozdov, speaking before the State Duma deputies, assured them that there are no ‘palaces’ at the disposal of the organization, all facilities are "ordinary offices," which are used exclusively for servicing citizens. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin came forward PFR’s ‘palaces,’ drawing attention to the discontent of the population.

Drozdov stressed that all the so-called ‘palaces’ were built in compliance with the requirements of the Accessibility program for people with disabilities.

"We have several buildings that were built about 10 years ago, and located on the central streets of big cities - they belong to the Federal Property Management Agency, they transferred to operative management, and they are used only as working offices," Drozdov assured, that the PFR spending on construction is not so high as the media are trying to present.

In particular, the construction and repair of new premises are now being conducted only in the Crimea and in areas where buildings were affected by the earthquake. This is about 1 billion rubles, and all these funds were used following the standards that were established, Drozdov stressed.

Therefore, in his opinion, savings at the repair will not give an opportunity to pay pensions.

Let's remind, mass-media wrote about expensive offices belonging to the Pension fund. The Pension Fund was offered to pay pensions from money obtained after the sale of the premises.

"They took a swing with their apartments. People are annoyed with this," the head of state commented a month ago.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) has published an investigation according to which Anton Drozdov and his relatives own property worth 1 billion rubles (apartments, elite land, and cars). At the same time, the income of the entire Drozdov family for the last nine years was only 79 million rubles.



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