“Peeved at those who illegally feathered and luxuriate in their riches.” Yakov Subbota spent 2 years to prepare attack on house of ex-Customs Service head

“Peeved at those who illegally feathered and luxuriate in their riches.” Yakov Subbota spent 2 years to prepare attack on house of ex-Customs Service head
Yakov Subbota

Savvy thief states he was roped into the crime after he watched a video of operatives searching the official’s house in 2016. Having watched the media’s videos, he built the floor plan to the house in his head and memorized its inner conditions.

Russia’s famous thief Yakov Subbota got the idea of robbing a house of former head of the Federal Customs Service and President of the Eurasian Development Bank Andrey Belyaninov when he was serving his term in the colony for the previous robbery.

In 2012, Subbota was sentenced to 8 and a half years behind bars on charges of armed raid on Moscow’s apartment. While in custody, the savvy thief learnt from the media’s reports about the searches carried out in Belyaninov’s house in the criminal case of alcohol smuggling. 10 million rubles ($151.6 thousand), $400 thousand, and €300 thousand were found during the searches. Besides that, expensive pens, coins, antique paintings (presumably, original art) were also found. Belyaninov was a witness in the criminal case, however after 2 days, was fired by Russia’s PM Dmitry Medvedev. In the colony, Yakov Subbota started working on a plan of to burglarize the former official’s house. The thief was out on parole in early 2018 with 6 and a half years behind bars instead of 8 and a half. He moved to live at his mother’s place in Moscow region’s Protvino. During the first days since he was released, Subbota started dealing with his paperwork. Thus, he applied for disability benefits related to deafness - the reason he got involved in a car accident while driving his parents’ Suzuki, haven’t heard a car horn from a vehicle behind him.

Subbota’s neighbours noticed he came back from the colony being embittered against the whole world. “All day long, he was sitting in front of the TV-set and called every other politician and businessman a thief. Yasha got peeved at those who illegally feathered and now luxuriate in their riches; he also said a couple of times it would be a good idea to punish them.” The thief’s acquaintance told MK.

Thus, only 4 months after he was released from prison, the thief was bent on committing another crime that did not proceed “smoothly.” While leaving the official’s house, he lost the collectors’ coins he had stolen, left outfit hanging on the fence, and dropped his hat - the item that eventually helped identify the criminal during the examination.

Subbota was detained Monday, in Solntsevo (Moscow’s Western administrative district). The thief was driving a pre-owned Mercedes he had purchased for 1 million rubles ($15.1 thousand). His 14-year-old daughter was accompanying him. The MK source within law enforcement is convinced this is going to be the first time when Subbota makes a full confession.

The thief had previously been condemned for theft of Antonio Stradivari’s viola worth of $1.2 million from the Glinka National Museum in 1996, theft of 200 incunabula books worth of $400 thousand from Russia’s State Historical Library, as well as theft of $100 thousand that belonged to Filipp Kirkorov from an apartment owned by Director of BKZ Oktyabrsky Emma Lavrinovich.



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