Pedophile slashed throat with knife when police broke into his house

Pedophile slashed throat with knife when police broke into his house
Viktor Morozov

The police of Altay Kray was looking for a man that tried to rape the 15-year-old daughter of his drinking buddy for five days.

The police of Altay Kray was searching for Viktor Morozov, 36, for five days. March 17, the man decided to visit his friend in the village of Rakity, Uglovsky district, to have intoxicating drinks, writes Bad News public page. After drinking, they decided to pay a visit to a third drinking companion. But on the way, Morozov, having come up with some excuse, returned to the friend's house alone, where he set sights on his daughter, 15, during the feast.

The pedophile broke into the house and attacked the girl, who turned out to be a bold spirit - she actively resisted, broke free and ran away.

Despite the intoxication, the man realized what he could face due to it, got into his car and disappeared.

The girl’s parents, obviously, contacted the police. During an inquiry, Morozov’s criminal past and the fact that he had criminal record revealed.

After five days of searching, law enforcement officers supported by Special Police Force officers caught the pedophile at his home.

Morozov, in all likelihood, was reluctant to go to prison under such an article and slashed his throat with a knife. The blood flooded half of his dwelling, but the injury was not fatal.

The criminal was taken to the intensive care unit.



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