Pedophile kidnapped nine-year-old boy and kept him in slavery for 10 years

Pedophile kidnapped nine-year-old boy and kept him in slavery for 10 years
Eduard Nikitin

The child had to be re-taught to read and write; he did not try to escape from the rapist.

The Simonovsky District Court of Moscow began to review a criminal case against Eduard Nikitin, who allegedly lured a nine-year-old boy from a neighboring house into his communal apartment and raped him for ten years. Before reuniting with the mother, the young man had to be sent to a rehabilitation center, where he was taught to read and write again, NTV says.

The child disappeared in 2007, he was wanted all over the country and was found only in 2017 in the next house. The police saw a suspicious couple on the street and decided to check the documents. The teen has not a passport, but the police found his full name in the database of the missing.

The boy grew up with a pedophile kidnapper and his mother, who is a witness in the case. After years of growing up, the kidnapper allowed him to walk in the evenings, but the young man did not try to escape. Their neighbors saw a mixed-age couple, but they did not find anything suspicious.

Friends of the boy’s family said that even before the abduction, he ran away from home several times, as his mother abused alcohol and beat her son. The child began to drink and smoke, and then disappeared.

Nikitin admitted guilt. Previously, he was prosecuted for harassment of children. He faces up to 20 years in prison.



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