Pechatnikov: Matayev has never been city administration official

Pechatnikov: Matayev has never been city administration official
The Deputy Mayor for Social Development Leonid Pechatnikov Photo: Aleksandr Shalgin/TASS

The Deputy Mayor of Moscow personally shrugged off Erast Matayev who beat the girl on the Old Arbat. Previously, he refused to comment on the incident.

The Deputy Mayor for Social Development Leonid Pechatnikov said that Erast Matayev has never been an official of the city administration. In the past, he was one of the public advisers and was working for the company subordinated to Moscow's Health Department and which deals with energy saving. However, Mayayev resigned in December 2015.

In the Moscow administration no one has the car with the “AMR” numbers, so connecting the incident with the Metropolitan Municipality is unacceptable", said Pechatnikov.

It is to be recalled that in Moscow, on the pedestrian Arbat Street on June 25, the passenger of the black BMW with A749MR77 number got out of the car and started beating the girl who filmed how the car violates the road rules by driving through the pedestrian zone.

It was learned that the car with the government number is attached to 49-year-old Erast Matayev, who previously worked as an adviser to the Deputy Mayor Leonid Pechatnikov.

The Deputy Mayor shrugged off Matayev through his assistant Galina Vodyakova. Pechatnikov did not comment on the incident, since allegedly he did not know enough about it. The city administration then explained that Matayev two years ago worked as a freelance adviser to the Mayor's Office on a voluntary basis.

In the interview with "Moscow Tel Aviv" Matayev called Pechatnikov his teacher: "I have the teachers whom I chose for myself. They are decent Russian patriots and professionals: Ramazan Abdulatipov, the Deputy Mayor for Social Development Leonid Pechatnikov who saves thousands of lives every day, including my own, I think he is the most holy man. "

On June 27, the Presnensky Court of Moscow has sent the BMW driver Artem Ermakov under arrest for 15 days. He was found guilty under p. 2 Art. 12.7 of the Russian Administrative Code (driving without a license).

With regard to Erast Matayev the police also drew up an administrative protocol on p. 1 Art. 20.1 of the Administrative Code (disorderly conduct), but the Court returned it to the police for defect correction. The criminal case under p. 1, Art. 167 of the Russian Criminal Code (intentional destruction or damage of property) was also initiated against Matayev.

In addition, the investigators have a video made by the street surveillance cameras, which clearly shows how Matayev beats the woman. Therefore, in the next few days, the other criminal case under the Article "Beating" (Art. 116 of the Criminal Code) may be initiated, said the Chairman of the Committee on Security of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Anton Tsvetkov. He also said that the official offered the victim, Evgeniya Khrapova, to hush up the affair on Arbat for 10 thousand dollars, but she refused to.



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