Pavel Mamaev, the "gifted player", to stay in custody

Pavel Mamaev, the "gifted player", to stay in custody
Pavel Mamaev

The Moscow City Court declined the request of Pavel Mamaev’s lawyer to release the Krasnodar FC player accused of battery and hooliganism, according to Interfax. The court did not agree with the arguments of the defense attorneys who asked to “spare the gifted player because the Russian football needs him”.

Mamaev’s lawyer, Igor Bushmanov, pointed out that the custody makes it impossible for the player to fulfill his obligations to the Krasnodar club, his employer until January 31, 2019, under the contract. Bushmanov also noted that detention might affect the athlete’s health and professional skills.

Mamaev is the father of two minor children, the lawyer reminded. Besides, the football player had handed over his passport showing his willingness to stay in the country, Bushmanov said. The lawyer asked for a “ban on certain actions” instead of restricting his movement.

Mamaev apologized to the victims during the trial but stated that he did not consider his actions to be hooliganism. “I don’t see any reasons for imprisoning me; I didn’t take part in any hooligan actions,” the athlete said.

The court did not agree with the arguments of the defense and upheld the custodial sentence that will be effective until December 8.

It happened on October 8 in Moscow, when Kokorin, Mamaev and their drunken friends beat three people: the driver of Olga Ushakova, a Channel One host, Denis Pak, head of a department of the Industry and Trade Ministry and Sergei Gaysin, head of the FSUE NAMI. The athletes were detained, and on October 18, Mamaev, Kokorin, his younger brother Kirill and the fourth accomplice, Alexander Protasovitsky, were charged with battery and hooliganism. On October 17, the defense appealed against a custodial sentence and asked to move the accused to house arrest instead.




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